Sermorelin acetate has become an alternative that can provide the benefits of HGH Therapy without the hazards or risks.

Sermorelin acetate is generally recognized as the growth hormone-releasing factor 1-29 NH2-acetate. This is due to its role as a peptide composed of the first 29 amino acids responsible for the growth hormones produced in the body.

One of Sermorelin’s is often referred to as an “HGH stimulator” because of its ability to aid in the secretion of growth hormone. It should not have a negative impact on pituitary function and can provide benefits in areas such as:

  • bone mineral density;
  • joint health;
  • muscle strength;
  • changes in the body’s composition;
  • improved exercise performance;
  • better heart health;
  • metabolism;
  • skin thickness;
  • libido;
  • the overall quality of life.

Additional benefits provided by growth hormone-releasing peptide – 6 (GHRP-6), a peptide hormone, and growth hormone-releasing peptide – 2 (GHRP-2), a super-analog of GHRP-6, include:


  • The ability to lose weight without any strenuous exercises and diet;
  • Increased stamina and energy levels;
  • A faster and healthier metabolism;
  • Improved skin elasticity;
  • The decrease of skin sagging and wrinkles;
  • Better memory and concentration levels;
  • Hair improvements;
  • Improved body immunity;
  • Capability to stimulate deeper and longer sleep.


  • Enhanced endurance and a stronger heart;
  • Reduces the fat due to lipolysis;
  • Works in opposition to insulin due to its ability to inhibit the uptake of glucose by the liver;
  • Promotes and maintains the pancreas’s function;
  • Stimulates the liver’s glucogenesis process;
  • Maximizes the body’s calcium retention, strengthening the bones due to enhanced bone mineralization;
  • Improved immune system;
  • Improves the body’s anabolic effect due to a boost in IGF-1 production;
  • Promotes faster wound healing;
  • Promotes hypothalamus stimulation which increases the libidos.

Who is a candidate for Sermorelin?

The hormone might be right for you if you currently experience:

  • sexual dysfunction;
  • weakened immune function;
  • blood sugar instability;
  • cardiac & vascular instability;
  • poor muscle tone;
  • sleep problems;
  • low energy;
  • decreased mental alertness.

Sermorelin Action and Results

To determine how much Sermorelin supplementing your body requires making one or more of the following steps:

  • a blood test to measure growth hormone level;
  • a blood test to measure other hormone levels affected by HGH;
  • binding protein level (IGF-I and IGFBP-3) blood tests to check pituitary function;
  • GHRH-arginine provocative test.

After that, a doctor will prescribe and monitor your custom dose in one of these forms:

Subcutaneous: injected into the body fat just under the skin using a very small needle before bedtime to mimic the body’s circadian rhythm; Sermorelin shots are initially prescribed for six days per week, then decrease in frequency over time.

Oral tablets: controlled doses taken under the tongue, transmitted through the mouth membrane into the bloodstream.

Sermorelin is injected into the body using a tiny needle, similar to what a diabetic uses. It has an excellent safety profile and comes in an auto-loaded pen for ease of use.

When taking Sermorelin injections you may experience:

  • better sleep;
  • increased libido;
  • improved immune function;
  • better stamina and focus;
  • increased bone density and muscle tone;
  • increased energy;
  • lowered amount of wrinkles and cellulite;
  • decrease in body fat, fatigue, and pain;
  • improved wound recovery.

Typically, Sermorelin takes about three to six months before you are able to see the full effects of the injections. This is known as the “loading” period and is common among peptide hormones.

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